’the decline of a city’

In preparations of a new photo-series I am planning in Greece I spend a few days in Athens.

It was the first time I spend more than a few days here in a few years.

I was chocked about how much the city has changed. 


I saw This old lady crossing the street and I noticed the Lufthansa-label on her walking-aid.

I found it vey symbolic for the suffering of the Greeks

Many old people in Greece have lost so much money on there pension that they can not survive on theire own anymore.

Athens is full of grandmothers, dressed in the  typical black greek ,begging for change on the street or selling paper handkerchiefs.

In the suburbs of Athens now about 60% of all stores are close.

It’s a dramatic site to see so many hopes and futures destroyed.

Athens is not so sexy anymore!

Monistiraki Metro station.

This is one of the most touristic places in Athens that I have entered many times during the last years.

This is a site I have never seen there!


The Golden Dawn ( Chrysi Avgi ) cashes in on the the humanitarian crisis in Greece, and they already have 18 seats in the Greek Parliament ( 6,9% ). Polls put them on about 12% in the next election.

As a comparison: The German Nazi Party got a 6,5 % vote in there first elections (1924) and in June 1932 they scored a 37,3%. We all now what followed.

The weak alway pay the price!

Do we never learn from history?