Seeking refuge in the Netherlands.

About 250 Refugees in Amsterdam have been evicted yesterday from their shelter in 'Vluchtgarage'. They had to go somewhere, and made a tent camp opposit my studio.

Some of them are living in these unscertain conditions for more than 15 years in the Netherlands.

I decided 'to give them a face', and made portraits in my studio of 12 of them.

Thank's for the wonderful corporation. I will try to give you a voice and a face.

Roda (Somalië)

Teklay (Iritrea)

Mareyma (Somalië)

Jeremy (Ivory Coast)

Sinan (Sudan)

Adam (Somalië)

Nagi (Sudan)

Hassan (Somalië)

Eric (Congo)

Muhammed (Sudan)

Mahmud (Ethiopië)