We met in "Der Weisse Hollunder"

In Cologne / Germany there is a famous bar called , ‘der Weißer Holunder’

The bar was founded in  the 20th and is run for the last 20 years by Margot & Karl,

They have tried to keep the old atmosphere of this lovely place alive (and succeeded!).

When I visited the bar,as I do frequently when I am in Cologne, Margot told me that they where gonna close the doors . 

So in a good ‘Holunder tradition’, we cried, blown the Trumpet and got drunk.

The last day the bar was open there where all couples invited that have met each-other in’the Holunder’

So I took the opportunity to go and make portraits of these lovers, that have so much to thank Margot and Karl and their Weißer Holunder for.