"Mit de Papleapel"


The children of “the Maastricht Carnival “

For the people of the most southern part of the Netherlands (Limburg), the Catholic festivity of Carnival it is a big part of their cultural heritage and identity.

These “Limburgers” are very proud on being unique in their way of celebrating their Carnival.

The southern part of the Netherlands was until not so long ago a very Orthodox-Catholic area, and so this Carnival is very much influenced by this religion.

Carnival is the last days of expressing yourself before the 40 days of fasting before Eastern.

This religious background comes with a certain kind of divine respect, which can be found in the way this century old festivity is being celebrated.

All the way down south is the city of Maastricht where the 3-day street Carnival has his very own and very unique style.

They go to great efforts creating the most stunning costumes with the matching theatrical acts, or vice versa.

Through these theatrical acts they interact with each other in an original, creative and civilized way that is unprecedented.

You can have a lot of fun, and push the borders of what is accepted in normal life, but you don’t go overboard!

It makes it a civilized celebration for all people of all ages and backgrounds.

The parents, who identify themselves with this way of celebrating, take their children into this festivity from the moment they are born,

Unknowingly the children show this cultural identity in their way of experiencing and “living” this Carnival, and so the tradition is being passed on over the generations.