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“Your subject and you” - á portrait is my own energy.

Photographing people is a experience to learn about yourself, and how to transform your own energy into a portrait made by you.

The goal of the seminar for the participants to experience different situations in photographing people, and reflect what their roll is in these situations.

It will be a “do it” seminar, where you will be confronted with your own energy and start to use it through participation and exercise.

We will work in the studio and outdoors, and practice on “real life” situations.

Start using your unique energy, to enhance your portrait photography, and create your own personal pictures.

Learning, not in theory but by doing it, and confronting yourself through other people.

tSo prepair to go out of your comfort-zone.

Bring your digital camera (if possible, Laptop with editing software installed).

In the Studio will be 2 workstations for editing and reviewing pictures.

2 days Workshop.

11.00 until 18.00

Maximum: min 4 / max 10 participants.

200 Euro p/p, for 2 days ( incl. Lunch etc.)

English / Dutch / German.

Location: StaAn Studio Amsterdam

The date of the Workshop is not set yet, but my target is the  weekend of 10th & 11th of May.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail with your preferred date, so I can set the date to the preferred date of the most participants. If preferred we can also divide the workshop over 2 weekends of choice!

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10:00 AM10:00

Enhance your personal photography.

A workshop where you will be mentored into enhancing your personal photography.

Do you want to learn more about photographing products for your web-store..?, want to make better portraits..?, explore a different kind of photography..?, wanna learn more about Camera-techniques…?, interested in better editing…? etc, ....

Get small assignments and feedback and start practicing "on the fly". Get 'tips and tricks'  about your photography.

All @ your own level, tempo and wishes. Use me as your mentor to your personal photographic wishes.

So bring your digital equipment and put it to use.

In the Studio will be 2 workstations for practicing editing and reviewing pictures, but you can take your laptop with your own editing software and work on it.

A small studio set-up will be present if you want to practice working in a studio setting.

  • English / German / Dutch 
  • min. 4 , max. 10 participants
  • 60 euro p/p (incl. Lunch,coffee, tea, etc)




It's alway possible to organize a workshop for your own group or for your company @ your time.

Just send me an e-mail ore give me a call.

Have fun André


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